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Appliance Moving Service

Relocating appliances is a very practical decision when moving, but it requires hard work, time, skill, and special equipment. Your appliances must be disconnected and appropriately prepared before your movers arrive.

To begin this process, unplug the power cord, remove, clean, and dry all applicable parts a few days prior to your move. You may use blankets, towels, packing paper, and secure carton boxes to prepare the removable parts for transportation. 

Some customers prefer to entrust the wrapping and packing process to professional appliance movers. As a full-service moving company, 3 Haul Junkies Moving and Hauling Moving is always ready to assist you on every step of your appliance relocation.

Haul Junkies Moving and Hauling Moving team of appliance movers is extensively trained to handle large appliance pieces, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. We have experience working with furniture straps, sliders, blankets and shrink wrapping, moving tape, cardboard, and other packing supplies.

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Our appliance moving service includes: 

Haul Junkies Moving and Hauling appliance movers are always ready to provide you with high-quality appliance moving services. With us, you are guaranteed a safe and secure relocation experience!

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